Sectors We Serve


Zero Waste is a practice that can be implemented by every organization to fully utilize their resources, minimize their waste, and become truly responsible with their community, stakeholders, and environment. GGI™Energy puts zero waste into practice by offering a solution that transforms waste into energy. Our waste-to-energy technology can utilize a wide range of waste streams to produce valuable liquid fuels. Our system is adaptable to function with many different waste types, volumes, and conditions. We have implemented a wide range of technologies that respond to our clients waste and energy needs. These are some of the sectors we currently serve:


Cities & Municipalities

Safe, Clean, and Reliable collection and disposal of Municipal Waste is one of the biggest challenges for municipalities around the world. GGI™Energy allows cities to dispose of waste in a safe and environmentally sound manner, while producing fuels to power their fleet. Our solutions work for Administrations, Citizens, and the Environment. Our Current Projects include Cities in South Korea, Guatemala, the United States, and many others.


Manufacturing Companies

Companies spend significant resources in waste management. Our solutions allow manufacturing companies in the mining, pharmaceutical, durables, plastics, food, electronics, and many other industries to transform their waste into energy. For our customers this represents an opportunity to generate savings on waste expense and power purchase, become environmentally responsible, access incentives, and increase return on investment.



Agricultural by-products offer a viable feedstock that is traditionally wasted and disposed of improperly with a big environmental impact. Around the world, GGI™Energy is changing the industry by utilizing animal manure, crop stocks, and wood chips to produce fuels to power agricultural operations and minimize pollution from waste. Unlike bio-digesters, the GGI™Energy process is fast and yields ready-to-use liquid fuels and produces no pollution.


Commercial Facilities

Airports, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Universities, Amusement Parks, and many other large facilities deal with considerable amounts of waste on a daily basis. GGI™Energy’s technology can transform mixed waste into renewable energy, and achieve a reduction of environmental effects, waste disposal costs, and energy expenditures. Waste can be processed on-site, and the power produced directly used to power the facility.


Transportation Centers & Hubs

Airports, Seaports, Inter-Modal Stations, and Logistic Centers deal with large amounts of waste and very high fuel consumption. Our system is designed to utilize available waste and produce liquid fuels of the highest standard that are ready-to-use in existing vehicles. This can be directly translated into revenues for fuel sale that is produced directly where it’s needed the most.



Military operations around the world rely heavily on tight supply chains and limited resources. Fuels in the form of Jet fuel or Diesel are key strategic commodities and need to be hauled from long distances and guarded. GGI™Energy’s technology can produce aircraft or vehicle grade fuel in a small-scale and utilizing available resources. Our equipment is small, easy to transport, simple to operate, discreet, and reliable. The advantages are unmatched.



GGI™Energy offers the first small-scale waste-to-energy plant that makes sense from a financial, environmental, and operational perspective. We are working with entrepreneurs around the world to make our equipment available to others, or to install and operate the first true environmental profitable business. Every case is unique, but GGI™Energy’s partners are changing the way in which others think by helping them to turn waste into energy.



Case Studies

Schipphol Airport

In Amsterdam, KLM- Royal Dutch Airlines is considering installing the first waste-to-energy plant in an airport. The plant will use food leftovers from KLM Catering Services to generate electricity for the airport's operations. In additions, the heat produced in the process will be used to warm-up local greenhouses. This project will begin construction soon.


Read more about the project here

KLM's Official Environment Website

Japan Pharmaceutical

In Japan, a public pharmaceutical company will utilize GGI™Energy's plant to transform the leftovers of their packaging manufacturing and transform it into savings in energy consumption. This will represent significant operational savings and a positive return for stockholders.

Municipal Solid Waste

In South Korea, a private company is utilizing a city's Municipal Solid Waste to produce liquid fuels that power the city's fleet. This represents savings for the municipality, and a strong revenue source for our local partner.

Current Projects

Municipal Waste, Central America

In Central America, a densely populated city will implement large waste-to-energy centers were it will direct most of the city's collected waste. This will represent substantial savings for the city, and will solve the region's alarming open dump practices.

Coffee Waste, South America

In South America, a coffee producer will utilize the currently wasted coffee pulp to generate power for rural communities in the crop's collection area. This will yield positive environmental effects and will be a key project in the region's development.

Supermarket Waste, Asia

In Asia, a large supermarket chain will utilize their waste to generate electricity to power their large warehouse operations.

Beverage Company

In Japan, a beverage company will utilize the leftovers from their juice bottling process to produce energy to power their operations.