Our Environmental Commitment


GGI™Energy is committed to minimizing the amount of waste that goes into landfills or open air dumps every year. We have pledged to keep more than 30 million tons of waste from going into landfills every year, we are on our way to achieve this before 2020.


We work with Cities, Companies, and our local Plant Operators to achieve this target. Each one of our plants has the capacity to convert over 7,000 tons of waste a year into truly clean energy. In figures, this is the waste carried by a 10 mile long line of garbage trucks.


We are always excited to hear from partners, distributors, companies, entrepreneurs, cities, organizations, and governments that are looking for bold, common-sensical and financially viable solutions to their waste and energy challenges.

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The Technology


Learn more about the results of over 10 years of advanced research and development. GGI™Energy's waste-to-energy process and the revolutionary technology behind it.



About GGIEnergy


GGI™Energy is a global manufacturer of waste-to-energy equipment. Our mission is to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions that convert Waste into Fuel and Energy and achieve Zero Waste. We are a company that develops innovative solutions that solve waste problems and produce renewable energy.


At the core of our philosophy lies the idea of Zero-Waste: Maximize Positive Use and Reduce & Simplify Resources. We believe that modern organizations need to optimize their use of resources and strike a balance between consumption, production, and energy. Every day, we work with Governments and Municipalities, Large Public Companies, Small Entrepreneurial Organizations, and a variety of entities to continue developing solutions for two of our era's most urgent problems.


GGI™Energy is headquartered in Plano Texas USA, and has a global reach through its Asia, Europe, and Latin America units.



Every year, considerably more than 3 Billion tons of waste are dumped to open air or disposed of improperly. Waste is a problem that represents high costs to governments, citizens, and companies. The environmental cost of our Waste practices is huge. Open air dumps and landfills are the leading producers of methane gas, one of the most polluting and persistent gases in our atmosphere. When we consider agricultural, industrial, and municipal waste, it is not hard to realize that we are in the midst of a global waste crisis.


Current solutions to the Waste Problem come in the form of waste collection that picks-up the trash on the curbside and disposes of it in landfills or incinerators. However, landfills have significant effects over the land, water, and air quality of their environments. Incineration produces highly polluting gases and toxic ashes that still require disposal. In addition, landfills and incinerators fail to reduce the quantity of waste we are dumping, and to maximize the energetic potential of the waste.


At GGI™Energy, we ask ourselves the question, How can we transform the most prevalent and complex types of Waste into something useful?



The world consumes more energy than ever before. Our increasingly urban lifestyle has led to an increase in the consumption of energy for illumination, transportation, industrial processes, entertainment, computer use, and production. Energy poses one of the biggest limits for our development, and the decrease of global crude reserves has turned the pressure on for finding new and better ways to power our lives with a minimal environmental effect. As a species, we have to find the energy sources that will power our growth for generations to come while minimizing our impact on our natural resources.


Technologies to maximize the efficiency of Photovoltaic, Eolic, Nuclear, Hydrogen, Tidal, and Geothermal sources are all part of the solution. However, large scale implementation of these technologies requires major capital investment and are expensive to maintain. Countries, Financial Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and Citizens around the world are taking exciting steps to develop some promising solutions to our energy needs. However, the most promising technologies are still in research phase, and their implementation will require time.


At GGI™Energy we ask ourselves the question: How can we produce the Best Clean Energy, using resources available here and today?

Energy from Waste


GGI™Energy manufactures solutions that utilize existing waste resources and transform them into ready-to-use energy sources. We have developed sophisticated technologies that result in a clean process, maximize the utilization of waste streams, and is a viable and profitable business operation. The opportunity is immense, because where others see problems, GGI™Energy sees an opportunity to energize and improve our planet.


Our Story


Our Story begins with more than 10 years of research and development in Japan. GGI™Energy assembled a group of leading scientists and presented the challenge: to design a small-scale system capable of transforming a variety of waste streams while using as little energy as possible and yielding ready-to-use energy products. The technical challenges were massive, every stage of the process required unique components and sophisticated technology. The early stages were full of challenges and failures. Our team endured.


GGI™Energy built more than 3 test plants, each using different feedstock and technologies. None of them resulted in a truly operational model. Finally in 2006 all the technology pieces came together. In our test site near Seoul, South Korea our small-scale waste-to-energy plant worked. We conducted rigorous tests on air emissions, outputs, and waste streams. Our team developed unique sorting methods for a number of waste streams, and the technology was perfected. Finally, the challenge had been met.


More recently, GGI™Energy is manufacturing equipment for a Major European Airport, a Public Pharmaceutical Company in Japan, an Agricultural Cooperative in Asia, and many others. We are developing an electricity producing model, and expanding our reach. GGI™Energy is working with Municipalities, Public and Private Companies, Local Entrepreneurs, and many others to bring solutions to waste and energy problems around the world.